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Sometimes I forget where I am.
Will you be me, when I become into myself?

My Spirit Animal tries to find a way back to our inner world of roaming desires as they reflect upon a contradictive dialogue with our surrounding entities. It follows a vision into the depths of tangible experiences that shape the embodiment of self-transcendence. In this experiential state a sense of time, space and self is either altered or absent. When we arrive in this illuminating form of non-being, it causes a radical conversion of our perceptual environment.

How does it feel to be intimate with trust?
I am both the well-being and resistance of love.


Homeopathy is the practice of medicine that uses a holistic approach to healthcare, where the natural treatment looks at the person as a whole, instead of focusing on a specific diseased part of the body. I wanted to understand and translate the meaning and production process of homeopathic medicine through a visual research.


When the night falls, we are confronted with our vulnerability through the fear of darkness. We feel alone, unsafe and helpless in the absence of light. I wanted to explore this state of mind and surrender to the uncertainty.


On the 5th of July in 2014, I followed veteran Ton Ruijten on his journey through a Mud Run. It was both a mental and physical challenge he overcame gracefully. One year later I invited him over to my studio for a portrait about how it feels to be in between life and death. After our session he told me he only had a few months left to live.. Ton, you were truly one of the most beautiful and strong people I have had the pleasure to create with; may you rest in peace.